Learn about all the things Bwog is getting ready for in this edition of Field Notes!

Bwog achieved big things:

  • Qualified for snowboard racing nationals.
  • Officially declared my major.
  • Submitted senior thesis proposal outline.
  • Qualified for freestyle skiing nationals.
  • Submitted study abroad application.

Bwog got out of the city/made plans to:

  • Went to Bowdoin to visit a friend. Lived in student housing that was an actual house and ate food that was not slop. Currently readjusting.
  • Went to a beautiful wedding upstate!
  • Went on a meditation retreat at an Anglican Benedictine monastery in the Hudson River Valley near Poughkeepsie. Hung out with monks.
  • booked 10-hour bus tickets and Airbnb arrangements for spring break! (Hello Quebec).
  • Realized spring break is in like three weeks so I booked a one-way flight out of here.

Bwog prepared for the never-ending midterm season:

  • Studied so much. So much. Two midterms and a mock this week.
  • Spent all day in Butler studying for midterms
  • Pulled my first, genuine all-nighter for school and now want to throw up.
  • Had two midterms on the same day.
  • Wrote a 4500-word story for my creative writing class and felt thoroughly creatively drained.

Bwog also procrastinated:

  • Didn’t do any homework.
  • Did my laundry and reorganized my room to avoid my French work.
  • Went to Dodge!!!! I love Dodge (I was avoiding work).
  • Neglected 200+ pages of reading.
  • Did not study for my midterm, and will probably fail it now.
    • This was worth it (I think).
  • Watched The Perfect Match on Netflix instead of studying for my midterms.

Bwog enjoyed good company:

  • Saw my parents and took them to a ramen bar! They were very happy to experience something new.
  • Was visited by my mom and sibling.
  • Played mahjong with the besties.
  • Went to a psychic with my friend, and wasn’t sure how to feel afterward.
  • Went on a wonderful date!
  • Did Karaoke with a friend.
  • Had a very fun time going out with friends on Valentine’s Day and on Friday.
  • Played for the king for five hours with my roommate and sister.

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