Single on Valentine’s Day? Do all of your couple friends have plans tonight that leave you high and dry? Never fear! Bwog staffers have compiled some helpful hints for wallowing in your single misery enjoying a fun, self-love-filled day!

Take care of yourself (in whatever way you can?):

  • Delete Instagram for the day, or at the very least, mute/block any crushes and exes.
  • Spend the evening watching a movie, but make sure that it has nothing to do with love or romance.
  • Decide to wallow and watch a romance movie alone.
  • Watch Frozen or Frozen II. They’re true masterpieces that will cure all.
  • Listen to like, angry breakup songs. Vibes!
  • Put on red clothes & pink eyeliner and embrace it solely for the aesthetics.
  • Alternatively, wear all black. I did this in 7th grade.
  • Download Tinder.
  • Delete Tinder.
  • Order flowers and chocolates to be personally delivered.
  • Get blackout drunk so you don’t remember anything. Then there is no proof that you spent your Valentine’s Day alone!

Have fun with your other (single) friends:

  • Do a #throwback moment and make cute valentines for your friends! Wholesome!
  • Laugh at couples because why not? (Please don’t cancel me, people in relationships.)
  • Go to Hex & Co. with friends.
  • Go to the Lion Lez event.

Alternatively, eat your feelings:

  • Go to Chef Don’s.
  • Go to Morton Williams and buy yourself ice cream.
  • Buy yourself a can of frosting. Eat it. It will make you happy.
  • Go to Insomnia Cookies.

Love (yourself)! via Pixabay