Maya and Arlette: two very different girls with very different takes on love and what it should be, yet both single and doing this for some reason.

We each think we know what the other person needs and are almost never in agreement about our life choices. So we’ve taken it upon ourselves to fill this out for each other.

Name, Year, School, Major:

Arlette: Arlette Gindi, Barnard 2026, Psychology I think.

Maya: Maya Reisner, Barnard 2026, Urban Studies/Psych/Idk.

Preference (girl for girl, etc):

Arlette: Straight

Maya: Bisexual af


Arlette: Brooklyn

Maya: Chicago ‘burbs

Your nightmare date in seven words or fewer:

Arlette: Anything that isn’t a friends-to-lovers situation.

Maya: Someone who wants Maya to share her emotions.

What redeems you as a human being?

Arlette: Everyone likes her, generally easy to get along with, has a septum piercing, and therefore the illusion of being cool.

Maya: Maya is funny and writes for Bwog. Also, she has a dingle.

Library room of choice?

Arlette: Whatever is most miserable, usually Butler or Avery.

Maya: None unless she really needs to study. In that case, Milstein.

Beverage of choice?

Arlette: Chai probably, She’s weirdly not a coffee enthusiast.

Maya: Celsius or some essential oil-type tea.

Which dating apps have you been active on? (be honest):

Arlette: None. Chastity wins.

Maya: All of them. Every single one that exists.

Where can you usually be found on a Saturday night?

Arlette: If she is with Maya, out. If not with Maya, rotting in bed, or at her sorority. (Don’t come for her!)

Maya: A night out on the town!!! Which town? No one knows. Where will she end up? Let’s just pray she has Life360 on.

Historical hottie of choice?

Arlette: Probably some writer fuck from England with a fancy name.

Maya: Abraham Lincoln. She would probably think the top hat is sexy.

Thank you for reading and feel free to slide in our DMS (@arlette_gindi and @mreisner831).


Maya and Arlette

Maya and Lettie being cool at a Dominic Fike Concert via Author