Dinos and Kafka and Frozen II in one article.

As much as it pains me to admit it, professors are people too. Yes, they make our lives harder than they ever needed to be, but they’re here to help us learn! They’re here to help us grow! They’re incredibly tired academics who just want to do research in their silly little labs and write silly little books! They have families and interests of their own! Sometimes, those interests are talked about for 45 minutes when you’re supposed to be going over materials for the test and you are Totally. Completely. Lost. But perhaps you are interested! Lucky for you, Bwog has compiled our funniest memories of professor hyperfixations. Enjoy!

Professors love animals: 

  • My Art History TA had a teeny tiny puppy who she showed us all the time and brought to visit after the final as a pseudo-therapy dog.
  • The Barnard Librarians and their cats
  • Professor who was late to class twice because her dog was “active” and pulled a muscle. 
  • The baby Bio teacher was really into jellyfish.
  • My dinosaur professor brought up Jurassic Park at least once every class and had a 40-point question about it on the final. 
  • Professor who mentions their pet rabbit a lot. I wish more often (I need to see the rabbit so badly). 

Professors love pop culture: 

  • Bio professor obsessed with Frozen II. 
  • CC professor obsessed with Downton Abbey. 
    • Author’s note: Downton Abbey fucks. 
  • Anthropology professor who loves K-Dramas. 
  • My 50-year-old Spanish professor lovessss Bad Bunny.
  • My FYS professor is obsessed with Kafka 

Professors love new technology and science:

  • My Art History professor is obsessed with ChatGPT.
  • My 80-year-old CS professor who would bring up self-driving cars every class without fail. We weren’t discussing self-driving cars. 
  • Disorders of the Mind professor is REALLY into eggs and electroencephalograms.
  • Gen Chem Professors who love blowing things up for “demonstrations.”
    • Honorable mention: Gen Chem Lab. professor: this man loves art!!! (King).

And of course, professors love love: 

  • LitHum professor who mentioned his love for his wife during every example of positive love.

Me In Class via Wikimedia Commons