We have a deep connection to the Hunger Games here and an even deeper connection to our campus buildings.

With the resurgence of the hunger games, we must also acknowledge its tie to Columbia. We at Bwog have delegated the districts to spaces on campus, to remember the significance of the Hunger Games on the 2010s and its hold on us now.

The Capitol:

In a tie between Lerner and Low, it seems we as a community cannot decide on one particular capitol. (Obviously it’s Low though, come on)

District 1 (Luxury):

Butler or Faculty House. In what again seems to be a tie between districts, the place of luxury is not able to be thoroughly decided on. On the one hand, everyone goes to Butler for aesthetics. On another hand, Faculty House has some of the best food on campus. 

District 2 (Masonry/Stone Mining):

Public Safety Office within Low Library. As this district is connected to peacekeepers and is heavily aligned with the capitol, it is only right for the Public Safety Office to be the official pick. Right in Low (our Capitol), public safety protects.

District 3 (Technology):

Northwest Corner Building. Home to one of the best libraries on campus and an overall strong technology vibe, the Northwest Corner Building exemplifies what it means to be one with technology (ignore the fact that the CS department is technically not here).

District 4 (Fishing):

Low Fountains. Otherwise known as the penis fountains. Self-explanatory.

District 5 (Power):

East Campus. It holds the parties and the life on campus. It sustains us.

District 6 (Transportation):

116th Subway Stop. Though technically not a “Columbia building,” the chief engineer of the New York Subway system did put a subway station there just for us.

District 7 (Lumber):

Havemeyer. Havemeyer 307 was mostly the reason for this pick. That almost entirely wooden room screams “lumber.”

District 8 (Textiles):

Milstein. Home to the Milstein Design Center, Milstein is the place anyone creative wants to go. So, since textiles are made for the capitol in district 8, we know it had to be Milstein-related.

District 9 (Grain):

Furnald. It just gives that vibe y’know.

District 10 (Livestock):

Diana Center. Burrito bowls go moo. Well technically not, but the burrito bowls (and the smoothies, though not livestock) are something worth mentioning on campus, and even better attributed to Diana Center.

District 11 (Agriculture):

John Jay. Home to two of our food spots on campus, John Jay sustains a lot of life on campus. 

District 12 (Coal):

Mudd. Formerly known as the Henry Krumb School of Mines, SEAS is known for its industrial background, thus it is only right that Mudd is home to our favorite district.

District 13 (Nuclear):


Hunger Games via Flickr