Sorry sophomores, no suite for you. 

And Bwog’s back with Day 2 of the Housing Lottery! The 5-person lottery is notoriously rough due to the many, many desirable suites with singles. This year, there were 32 suites for 75 groups. Seniors were lottery spots 1 to 17, junior plus were 18 to 28, juniors were 29 to 49, yet another lone sophomore plus group with lottery number 50, and sophomores from 51 to 75. 

What’s gone

Everything! Your typical Day 2. Seniors and junior plus snapped up the five-person suites with all singles by lottery group 20. Most of the junior plus groups picked 616, while seniors went for 121 and 620. About half of the juniors had some suites to choose from, with lottery number 47 taking the very last suite. 

Looking Ahead

The 6-person lottery is 9 am to 5 pm next Tuesday and Wednesday, March 28 and 29. Form your lottery groups by 10 am on Monday, and you’ll get your lottery numbers by 5 pm on Monday. 6-person groups can choose from 110, 600, 616, 620, Cathedral Gardens, and Plimpton. 

Sophomores: don’t lose hope! Your time for a suite will come on Tuesday. Best of luck! 

Res Life running their little numbers via Wikimedia Commons