It’s day two of Columbia housing selection, and things are starting to simmer.

Day two is a wrap! Nothing all too dramatic today as rising seniors continue to make choices in the world-renowned Columbia room selection. 

As expected, East Campus suites are continuing to get snapped up, as are Hogan suites. Corridor singles are going at a fairly reasonable pace – only three remain in Nuss, though they’re plentiful in Broadway, Schapiro, and Wein. Inexplicably, a few corridor doubles in Carlton and McBain have been selected as well (insert confused lady math meme here). 

And now it’s time for today’s highlight reel!

What’s gone:

  • Non-RA 2-person and 4-person suites in EC
  • 4-person suites in Hogan
  • 2-bedroom 2-person suites in Woodbridge

What’s scarce: 

  • Claremont
    • Two 3-person suites
  • 600 W 113th: Three corridor singles
  • 627 W 115th: Three studio singles and three studio doubles 
  • East Campus
    • Five 6-person suites
  • Hogan
    • Two 2-person suites 
    • One 5-person suite
  • 11 McBain corridor singles
  • 17 River corridor singles
  • 12 Watt 2-person suites

What’s still remaining: 

  • In Claremont: Five 4-person suites, and ten 7-person suites
  • In 627 W 115th: Five 3-person suites 
  • In Broadway: Most studio singles, and almost all studio doubles. (Choosing a double while singles are still around? Couldn’t be me.)
  • In EC: 38 5-person suites
  • In Ruggles: All eight 6-person suites, and thirteen 8-person suites
  • In Watt: 54 studio doubles
  • In Wein: Most (177) corridor singles
  • In Woodbridge: 52 1-bedroom 2-person suites

Looking Ahead

The rest of the rising senior class certainly has reason to maintain optimism, as rooms continue to be available in every building and for all suite sizes. Corridor singles and larger suite sizes are still pretty abundant. Though with that said, 3 and 4-person suites are looking pretty scarce across the board, and anyone with their heart set on Hogan … well, I hope you’re selecting soon. 

Check out the stats for yourself on the Columbia live counter with a UNI login, and take a look at Bwog’s housing reviews before making your final choice! 

Good night, and may the odds be ever in your favor!

Hogan via Bwog Archives