Three days down, so many McBain and Carlton doubles to go!

We’re three days into the 2023-24 Columbia housing selection, and we are starting to get a bit of a reality check as the most desirable options are starting to slip off the boad!

TLDR: Hogan has been completely wiped off the map, and there are exactly three studio singles left on campus, so for those of you out there who still believe, the dream is probably pretty dead this year! If you’re looking for a studio double, Watt is the last realistic option standing, and in terms of suites, while there are a good amount of 5-person EC suites left, Ruggles and Claremont are pretty much the only other options left. 

What’s gone:

  • Hogan
  • Everything in Woodbridge besides 2-person suites

What’s scare:

  • 47 Claremont: One 5-person suite, one 6-person suite, ten 7-person suites
  • 548 W 113th: Eight studio doubles
  • 627 W 115th: Three studio singles, three studio doubles, three 3-person suites
  • Plimpton: Two 6-person suites
  • River: One corridor single
  • Ruggles: Two 3-person suites, one 4-person suite, eight 6-person suites, 13 8-person suites
  • Woodbridge: 17 2-person suites

What’s left: 

  • 600 W 113th (Nuss): 72 doubles, one 5-person suite
  • Broadway: 167 corridor singles, 23 corridor doubles
  • Carlton: 57 corridor singles, 132 corridor doubles
  • East Campus: Seven corridor doubles, 26 5-person suites
  • Harmony: 63 corridor singles, four corridor doubles
  • Hartley: 81 corridor singles, 16 corridor doubles
  • McBain: 11 corridor singles, 178 corridor doubles
  • Schapiro: 148 corridor singles, 83 corridor doubles
  • Watt: 54 studio doubles, 11 2-person suites
  • Wien: 133 corridor singles, 40 corridor doubles

We are fully entrenched in housing selection now so to everybody out there, good luck and stay strong. And if you want your housing questions answered, oh have we got the housing reviews for you!

Image of East Campus via Bwog archive