She’s beauty, she’s grace, she’s…. recently renovated and has AC!

Location: 537 West 121st Street and Broadway.

  • Nearby dorms: Plimpton, only a block away. 
  • Stores and restaurants: Right above Olive Tree Deli, Broadway Au Lait, and not too far from Nikko Hibachi, Appletree Market, Massawa, Dunkin Donuts, and close to the restaurants on La Salle Street and Broadway. 
  • Cost: Yearly expected cost is $11,738 for traditional singles and doubles. 


  • Bathrooms: Each suite has a private bathroom.
  • AC/Heating:  121 has air conditioning, and heat that can be a bit much sometimes. 
  • Kitchen: The suite kitchens all have refrigerators, a sink, an oven, and a table, with pretty generous common spaces. 
  • Lounges: Spacious communal lounge on the first floor. 
  • Laundry: The laundry room is in the basement. 
  • Gym: 121 does not have a gym. 
  • Hardwood/Carpet: Hardwood. 
  • Wifi: Each suite has its own wifi router. 

Room Variety

  • Singles and doubles in three to five person suites. 
    • Some of the singles are very spacious and were originally doubles. Contrarily, some of the doubles are very small. Beware the F3 single. It is closet sized and shafted. 

Numbers from the 2022 lottery: 

  • Out of 87 students that picked 121st, 71.26% were seniors (62), 26.44% were juniors (23), and 2.3% were sophomores (2). 

Bwog recommendation: 

121 is a beautiful building. Most of the rooms are huge, the kitchens are renovated, and some suites have common spaces comparable to 110th. You’ve got a lovely, quiet street, just slightly off campus but not too far of a walk to be inconvenient. It’s pretty quiet, because there aren’t too many people there, and feels very much like a real apartment. The elevator looks like it’s from the 19th century, but hey, it gives it a bit of charm. One downside is that you’re right in the middle of two subway stops: not ideal for walking in the rain. TLDR: this is a lovely building, it’s mostly juniors and seniors, but if you’re a sophomore there’s a chance you could get placed in 121 via the guaranteed list. 

Resident opinions: 

  • My room was incredibly small, shafted, and overheated. I had the air conditioning on in March to counteract it.”
  • “I’m on a lower floor so we get less light in most of the rooms since it’s mostly shafted.”
  • “My single is huge. I love it here.” 
  • “It’s a great distance from campus, and feels like a real apartment!”

Featured image via Author

Suite images via 121 resident Sophie C.