Brownstone living at 627 W 115th St.—perfect for anyone hoping for a quintessential New York City experience!

Location: 627 W 115th St. (between Riverside and Broadway)

  • Nearby dorms: Woodbridge, Schapiro, the 600s, River, Furnald, Carman.
  • Stores and Restaurants: 115th Halal Cart, Morton Williams, Starbucks, Sweetgreen, Shake Shack, the Columbia University Bookstore (if you’re into that?), Pret.
  • Cost: $11,574 for the 2023-24 academic year.


  • Bathrooms: One per apartment, cleaned by yourself.
  • AC/Heating: No AC.
  • Kitchen: One private kitchen in each apartment with a fridge, sink, and stove.
  • Lounge: Lounge in the basement.
  • Laundry: Free and in the basement. 
  • Computers/Printing: No computer room or printers, so swing by the Schapiro lounge or Butler Library before class.
  • Gym: No gym or fitness room, but Dodge is free!
  • Elevator: None! This is the true NYC experience—walkup only. 
  • Hardwood/Carpet: Gorgeous, gorgeous hardwood.
  • Roof: Yes! It is apparently accessible!

Room Variety: 

  • Five 3-person suites
    • 1 single (101-145 square feet), 1 double (158-219 square feet)
  • Five studio doubles (317-456 square feet)
  • Four studio singles (201-256 square feet)
  • One studio triple (923 square feet)
    • Columbia’s only triple! Be a part of history!


Bwog Recommendation: 

Want to experience a classic New York City apartment? Better yet, want the mystery of living in a dorm with only 32 residents? 627 W 115th St is for you. The absence of AC, elevators, fitness rooms, computers, and printers builds character. It’s perfect for your memoir!

627 West 115th Street Facade via Bwarchives

Unfurnished Building Triple via Author