Just read this and reconsider. Please. Give me a shot (haha). I need this.

Before seeing my friend who goes to Syracuse, I stopped into our beloved Barnard store to fulfill her special request: a shot glass for her collection. I walked around twice, seeing clothes, mugs, and even puzzles, but there wasn’t a single shot glass in sight. You may think, “obviously they don’t have shot glasses, this is an esteemed elite academic institution” so I compiled a list to convince whoever makes these decisions why adding a shot glass to the merchandise collection is absolutely necessary.

  1. Literally every other school has branded shot glasses.
  2. Shot glasses do not encourage the student body to drink. Those who buy them likely already consume alcohol and those who do not would have no reason to buy a shot glass.
  3. If people drink at college regardless, why not make it cute? Why not accessorize with the logo of the institution we hold so dearly in our hearts?
  4. Shot glasses can be used in a variety of ways. For example, you could use it to hold the various funky rings seen on the hands of many a Barnard student. Also, you could store treats there for the mice who have recently been spotted taking over the quad floors 2-5 (as specified by a recent email).
  5. They are collectible items. My best friend collects shot glasses and she is immensely proud of me and wants one. A stuffed Millie will not suffice to fill the void on her shot glass shelf.

Please, Barnard Store, I beg you to reconsider and give the student body what they so desperately need: shot glasses.

The Beloved Barnard Store Via Bwarchives