Borg. Black Out Rage Gallon. The perfect blend of water, alc, and Mio. 

Anyone walking around campus this Bacchanal was bound to see a borg or two and smile at its name. Little do they know how much goes into naming that alcoholic bundle of joy. Much like a celebrity naming their child, naming your borg is a deeply emotional, creative, and usually ridiculous process. There is a lot of intense reflective thought that goes into finding where to put the word “borg” in your borg’s name. It is a toilsome process, but the end result is oh so sweet (and full of vodka)! Here are some of our favorites:

  • PrezBorg 
    • Love this name simply because I can’t help picturing drunk PrezBo vibing to Doechii with his PrezBorg. Would’ve been so iconic.   
  • Soborg Saturday 
    • Definitely not what this past Saturday was… points for the irony of it all
  • Mel’s Borger Bar
    • A Barnumbia staple: Mel’s Burger Bar. It’s only right that we bring the alcoholic tendencies usually displayed at Mel’s to our borgs.  
  • 116th and Borgway
    • An homage to our Barnumbia home. Such a fun and cute name. The Stormi Baby of Bacchanal borgs. 
  • Borgeoisie 
    • This one is a fave simply because I had no idea that this was not the correct spelling of bourgeoisie. 
  • Saturdays Are for the Borgs 
    • On Bacchanal Saturday, yes, Saturdays are for the borgs 
  • Columbia University in the City of New Borg 
    • In New Borgggggggg!! Honestly I just love the Columbia themed borg names. Dare I say this borg name is the Wolf/Aire to 116th and Borgway’s Stormi Baby?? 
  • Borg’s a Liar 
    • If we couldn’t get Ice Spice to play for Bacchanal, then I’m glad she’s here in spirit with this borg name. 
  • Baby Got Borg 
    • Baby Got Back puns were made for Bacchanal. As the younger sibling of Baby Got Bacch, Baby Got Borg is pure perfection.  
  • Borgcchanal 
    • And that’s exactly what it was. A very borgy Bacchanal indeed.

Soborg Saturday via Bwog Staff