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The Columbia Defendant

A journal of legal counsel for Columbia affiliates accused of crimes.

The Columbia Transcendent

A journal inspired by the legacy of Ralph Waldo Emerson and Henry David Thoreau across Columbia academics.

The Columbia Superintendent

A guide to taking care of property around Columbia’s campus.

The Columbia Descendant

Personal essays about the difficulties of being a multi-generation legacy student.

The Columbia Descendants

A film critique journal with an emphasis on Disney Channel Original movies.

The Columbia Repentant

A Christian publication aimed at educating those who are new to the religion.

The Columbia Tenant

A journal offering advice about finding affordable housing in the city.

The Columbia Pendant

A publication that organizes and publicizes jewelry exchanges.

The Columbia Amendment

A publication made by students who love the Constitution, for students who love the Constitution.

The Columbia President

A journal of commentary on the tenure of Bollinger and Beilock.

The Columbia Flight Attendant

A publication that broadcasts the cheapest flights out of LGA and JFK.

The Columbia Calendant

A journal that prints everyone’s weekly schedules.

The Columbia Croissant

A pastry review.

The Columbia Incessant

A publication delivered every hour.

Magazines via Wikimedia Commons