Didn’t think you’d hear from us again, did you?

Jess and Talia here. In a (hopefully final) part three of our Futter Field coverage (we can only assume y’all are as tired as we are), THE DIRT HAS HAIR!!! WE REPEAT: THE DIRT NOW HAS HAIR!!!

On the momentous day of Thursday, April 13, strolling out of the quad at the early time of 8:20 am (ok starting the day!!!), we were made witness to a beautiful scene. Sod, sun, spring—they were filling the dirt-patch-shaped hole on the field (and in our hearts) with beautiful, luscious green grass. This was it. The moment we were pleading for, begging for ages and ages.

On the now-holiday of the second Thursday of April, we dropped all our responsibilities and classes to watch the construction unfold. Did we get soaked by the sprinklers while trying to enjoy our little Liz’s place breakfast? Yeah, yes we did. BUT is there a full tentless, dirtless field now? Yeah. There is. Life’s about sacrifices.

Though frolicking is not completely in our grasp due to (aggressive) fencing, we finally have our field back. We say goodbye to the days of sitting at the edge of the field or walking across the street to Columbia for lawn space. Days of being stuck in a damp tent when we could be under the sun.

Do we acknowledge that they aren’t letting us onto the field until mid-May? After we (children) leave school? Yes. But beggars can’t be choosers. The field is fielding and that’s all that matters.

REAL FIELD!!! via Bwog Staff