Sulz Tower + Seniors = <3

Barnard’s housing lottery continued today with the start of the 123 lottery. We’re in the final stretch! Seniors were the only ones picking today, choosing into the highly coveted (and very much expected) Sulz Tower single with the occasional senior duo picking into a double. For the rest of this year’s 123 lottery, around 480 students will be vying for the 250 rooms left. Though it seems bleak, the 123 lottery has only just begun. Don’t lose hope just yet! 

What’s Gone: 

Not surprisingly, there are no studio singles left. There are also no more remaining Sulz Tower singles, and almost every room in 121 has been scooped. Some Cathedral Gardens and 116 singles were chosen today as well. A handful of Elliot singles and four Hewitt singles are gone too. 

What’s Left: 

There are the least amount of rooms left in 121 and Cathedral Gardens. In 121 there is 1 single and 2 doubles left. As for Cathedral Gardens, there are 9 singles and 6 doubles remaining. If you’re really hoping to live in Sulz Tower, there are still some doubles left. There are lots of doubles left in 110 and 600, and a fair amount of doubles in 616, 620, and Plimpton. In terms of suite-style singles, 620 or Plimpton is your best bet. If you’re still searching for a single after those are gone, Hewitt and Elliot might have space for you! 

Looking Ahead:

Tomorrow, the rest of the seniors and some juniors will pick into most remaining suite-style singles. Living in a double is probably your best bet if you don’t want to give up the suite-style life. For any sophomores looking to get a single, I won’t lie, it’s looking bleak, but there’s always Elliot, or maybe even Hewitt. May the odds be ever in your favor! 

Sulz Tower via Bwog Archives