Trend alert! Hop on the Guaranteed List! Everyone’s doing it.

Today marked the last day of Barnard’s 123 housing selection, with the remaining sophomores selecting their housing and the conversion of most of the remaining groups to the guaranteed list. A whopping 51 housing groups with selection times today opted for the guaranteed list, many of whom are still hoping for singles, and 11 groups with times today did not pick. If the housing gods did not smile down on you this year, I wish you a bountiful housing season next year, and the most serendipitous of guaranteed list and/or off-campus experiences.

What’s gone: Many Plimpton and Elliott doubles were taken today, as well as a few doubles in Cathedral Gardens. All doubles in 110 have also been filled. As for buildings, all housing in 616, 620, 600, and Hewitt have been selected. 

What’s left: There are 6 triples up for grabs in 110, 9 doubles in Elliott, 9 doubles in Plimpton, and one elusive Cathedral Gardens double remaining. With 7 of the doubles and 2 of the triples on high floors. A cumulative number of 20 rooms were left unpicked.

Looking Ahead: The deadline to submit the Guaranteed List form is tomorrow, April 12 at 1:00 pm! If you’re considering off-campus housing, but aren’t completely sure, you have until May 4th to cancel and get off the guaranteed list without fees. I congratulate those who secured housing today and salute those still on their journey.

Elliott via Bwarchives