On the sixth day of housing, all that’s left to be: six studio doubles, five (hundred and 12) corridor doubles, four (actually 92) corridor singles, three (really nine) seven-person suites, two (it’s 10) eight person suites, and one student looking at this article (that’s you)!

It’s Monday, and this housing lottery feels like a beginning-of-the-week depression. Who knew there could be such a thing as a junior waitlist?

What’s Gone

  • 548 West 113
  • 627 West 115
  • Hogan
  • ​​Plimpton Hall
  • River
  • Woodbridge

What’s Scarce

  • Harmony: 4 corridor doubles
  • East Campus: 6 corridor doubles
  • Watt: 6 studio doubles
  • 47 Claremont: 9 seven-person suites
  • Ruggles: 10 eight-person suites

What’s Left 

  • McBain: 178 corridor doubles, 11 corridor singles
  • Carlton: 132 corridor doubles
  • Hartley: 81 corridor singles, 16 corridor doubles
  • Schapiro: 69 corridor doubles
  • 600 West 113: 64 corridor doubles
  • Broadway: 22 corridor doubles
  • Wien: 21 corridor doubles

Looking Ahead

The best part: singles are still available (for rising sophomores). Also, if you love corridor style housing, you are in the right place! Columbia Housing still has a ton to offer, and you might be the lucky student who gets to live in McBain next year (or Hartley if you prefer on-campus). Have fun and choose wisely!

While you wait for your selection time, use your UNI login to access Columbia’s live housing counter here, check out Bwog’s 2023 Housing Reviews here and follow us on Twitter for real-time housing developments!

McPain from Bwarchives