If you’re looking for a McBain double, you’re in luck!

Columbia’s housing selection is beginning to wind down, and if you’re looking for anything that’s not a corridor double, you are in the wrong place! Only McBain and Carlton remain in ample quantities, with a few spare Broadway, Nuss, and Schapiro doubles left for those picking on the early side tomorrow.

What’s Gone:

  • 47 Claremont
  • 548 W 113th
  • 627 W 115th
  • East Campus
  • Harmony
  • Hartley
  • Hogan
  • Plimpton
  • River
  • Ruggles
  • Watt
  • Wien
  • Woodbridge

What’s Scarce:

  • 600 W 113th (Nuss): two corridor doubles
  • Broadway: one corridor double
  • Carlton: 16 corridor doubles
  • Schapiro: 2.5 corridor doubles

What’s Left:

  • McBain: 69 corridor doubles

For those who are either still waiting for their selection time or who have really strong schadenfreude, you can follow along on Columbia’s live housing counter here, and Bwog’s 2023 housing reviews can be found here! In addition, follow Bwog’s Twitter for more updates and reactions (and just general amazing content).

Carlton lobby via Bwog Archive