Happy ticketing!

The elusive Bacchanal ticket, beloved by all but possessed by few. Apparently, the Bacchanal team thought there should be about five tickets per drop (Barnard students will have to split three amongst the entire student body). I managed to snag a ticket during a Hamilton fire drill in the rain, because of course the drill had to happen then. For those of you who waited in the Eventbrite queue to no avail, here are some ways to see the Swamp Princess live without a ticket. 

  • Camp out on the lawns and sleep there the night before. When they ask you to leave, explain that you had a really bad lottery number last year and live on the lawns, so you are in fact very generously hosting Bacchanal in your dorm room.
  • Steal the identity, UNI, and ID card of one of your friends and buy a wig to look more like them.
  • Pretend to be one of the headliners.
  • Pretend to be part of Butler lawns (dress up as grass).
  • Say you’re Doechii’s assistant. 
  • Show the Bacchanal bouncer (?) an edited vaccine card. 
  • Dress up as Deantini (was gonna say Prezbo but I don’t think they’d let him in without a ticket).
  • Ask really nicely.
  • Buy a bunch of different color wristbands on amazon and then see what color the bacchanal ones are day-of and put it on (assuming they are using wristbands).
  • Rappel down from the sky into the crowd, unnoticed
  • Hide in a trench coat with two other friends stacked on each other’s shoulders (only one of you guys needs a ticket).
  • Arrive in a wooden horse that will be presented to the performers (when they open it, you jump out and run into the crowd)
  • Camp out in Low all night.
  • Claim you have a press pass. 
    • Aka join Bwog. 
  • Sneak through the tunnels.
  • Find the shrink ray they’re hiding in Pupin and go Ant Man style.
  • Project your consciousness into a small animal (rat, pigeon, etc). 
  • Pretend u dropped like a ring or some sentimental shit on the lawn earlier.
  • Scream and cry.
    • Temper tantrums work for just about everything.

You at Bacchanal using these tips and tricks via Wikipedia Commons