Two Bwog veterans took on this year’s Latenite coverage…. and loved it

Two of Bwog’s most enlightened writers, Simon and Hannah, took it upon themselves to show up to the most recent Latenite performance. Then they talked about it afterwards.

Below is a slightly exaggerated transcription of their conversation; an anthology of laughter, if you will.

S: “Soooo what’d you think?”

H: “I thought that was pretty sweet, personally! Not sure if I’ve ever seen more political innuendo in one room before!”

S: “Oh no totallyyyyy. Almost made me wanna secure my gmail account ya know”

H: “Lmfaooo right. Never thought I’d watch Hillary Clinton listen to “Pony” by Ginuwine so many times in one skit!!”

S: “I loved that Hillary Clinton had a deep personal connection to every single rendition of “Pony” by Ginuwine that occurred in her private life dating back to her first sexual encounter with Bill!”

H: “I loved that we got to see a side of her life that we’ve never seen before!”

S: “I was not expecting to see the Cat in the Hat and their minions performing medical operations on another doctor’s patient! If there’s one thing I love more than Dr. Seuss, it’s medical malpractice, and we got both of those things in this skit!”

H: “But okay, how about that Barnard man slander… My man was a walking oxymoron I loved it.”

S: “My man Brian was a sharp caricature of Columbia men and it was super entertaining to see him dragged into a new circle of hell as a result!”

H: “It was just as funny as the one where that bartender spent a really long time making that cocktail and it turned out to be a protein shake!”

S: “No for real!! I loved how that one subverted your expectations by holding the audience in suspense for a climax that never arrived in the way you expected it!”

S: “What about the one where Chef Don and Chef Mike took on Koronet’s army of rats in a thrilling battle that turned into a touching love story?”

H: “No literally!!!! Omfg I was brought to laughter and moved to tears, the skit presented a compelling villain in Rat King Koronet and iconic protagonists in chefs Mike and Don and then transitioned seamlessly to a beautiful reminder that love and passion persevere above all else!”

S: “How can we forget the one where the son of a working-class American family must grapple with his own identity when his parents tell him that every man in his lineage has been gay, and that this tradition must continue with him, causing him to doubt everything he knows about himself!”

H: “That one was hilarious!! That skit really reached new heights when the insane grandpa entered and had some fun with their son-in-law.”

S: “Definitely crazy!!! Overall, that was a thoroughly enjoyable set of creative and comedic performances! You could really tell not only that the actors, writers, and directors were very talented, but that they were having fun doing so, as the unique identity of the skits and the comfort level of the actors made for an extremely chill experience that kept the audience laughing the whole time!”

H: “Can’t wait to tell the people, in Bwog review form, that Latenite always shows out and that you simply cannot miss a single anthology in the future!”

S: “Can’t wait to tell Bwog Latenite ambassador Jake Torres, currently abroad, all about this semester’s excellent Latenite performance!”

And now, a message from Bwog Latenite ambassador Jake Torres.

Jake: “Unfortunately I wasn’t able to attend this semester’s anthology due to me studying abroad in Spain, but I am certain the show was filled with a bountiful amount of delicate and profound carefully crafted moments. I am counting the days til I return to campus so I am able to watch next semester’s anthology.”

Featured Image via Bwog Archives