Ugh, homework.

I’m procrastinating work. Don’t ask what the work is—that is not important—I just am procrastinating it.

My go-to vice for time mismanagement is learning! I love niche topics, and the cultural history of Columbia University is no exception. Tonight, here are some of the people, places, and things that I’ve perused.

  1. CampusNetwork. Columbia’s version of Facebook? Before Facebook existed? This article is great as a lost corner of Columbia’s history and the fight between early social media. I was at the edge of my seat—except I’m laying down. A must-read. Really.
  2. Chris Kulawik. A campus personality! Responsible for inviting the speaker that led to the Minuteman protests. This article also has a link to his personal website where his photography kind of makes me want to sell out. On a different note, I think “initiat[ing] the Republicans’ global warming beach party” has a level of camp that this college desperately needs.
  3. Winter Wonderland. What? Huh? “the annual freshmen class semi-formal dance sponsored by the freshmen class councils of Columbia College, SEAS, and Barnard College.” Oh! the traditions lost to time.
  4. An Agenda for the Future. Essentially a late 2000s plan for Columbia. Some of this impacts us today—the addition of the global core—and some are old stories—expansion talks, CC-GS mergers, and new buildings. What did catch my eye was the cited 2007 Hunger Strike which makes me realize that campus protests need to get more intense than just marching with a megaphone.
  5. 1947. GS birth year :). And a nice magazine cover for Columbia vs. Yale football game.
  6. Chas Carey. Fun and invested guy on campus. I’m jealous because got three degrees—a major and two minors—which is impossible now.
  7. Oscar Lee Symposium of Undergraduate East Asian Studies. Although it is a list, some of the lectures to be given sound really interesting: “The Choosy Sex: The Ideal Mate Selection Criteria of Urban Chinese Youth and the Female Penchant for Rationality,” “From Laws to Levees: Methods of Water Control in the Qing Dynasty,” and “The Cycle of Inequality, Poverty and HIV/AIDS in Rural China” in particular.
  8.  Zoe Menon. Props to her apparently luscious lips, her engagement to Tony “Sexy Tony” Bonadies, and being Phi Beta Kappa.
  9. Lit Hum exam leak (1987). This sounds really interesting but sadly the 1987 exam leak is the briefest of exam leak scandals—probably because it’s from the previous century and WikiCU wasn’t a thing then.
  10. Law school awards. A list, but one for clout so I’m invested.
  11. David Paterson. The article is too long to read at 2 am but he seems like a smart guy.
  12. Industrial Engineering and Operations Research Department. Short and sweet. Should probably be updated.
  13. 1956. Nothing on this page but I like the order of the numbers.
  14. Charles M. Rolker Jr. Prize. A list. BORING!
  15. Intermediate Microeconomics. A list about Microeconomics. BORING x2.

Me reading these articles but not really because it’s nighttime and this photo has sunlight via Bwarchives