It is sunny in beautiful New York and all the Columbia students are here for it.

As the sun creeps up from behind the brick walls of the neighborhood buildings and the heat sets in everyone’s dorm, a fleeting feeling of summer begins to circulate on the Columbia campus.

The last week has been nothing short of spectacular as we have welcomed summer onto our campus with the 90-degree weather and Spring Break-like atmosphere. It has become almost impossible to study as you see your fellow peers play frisbee, football, or volleyball on the Columbia Lawns – especially South Lawns which apparently become New York’s hottest new club.  From early mornings to late nights the lawns are filled with students trying to do anything but work; music blasting from every corner and loud shrieks of happiness fill up the green space. I myself indulged in the party-like atmosphere recently, for the night is not really over if it still feels like daytime! 

Everyone has descended onto the lawns this week and when I mean everyone I mean everyone: from the student-athletes to the acapella groups with their awesome treasure hunt (shoutout to the King’s Men for letting me join them), everybody was and is on the lawns. 

Which is quite unusual when you think about it. Mostly our lovely students are found spread out like sea otters on the low steps basking in the sun trying to get that daily dose of Vitamin D. However, this week marks the migration of the seals as they have now invaded the lawns. Which is great and I can explain why!  As a student there is nothing more fun than seeing other people have fun and being able to join them, you can also opt to stay away from the crowd and not count the once-in-a-while collisions between a frisbee and your head enjoy a peaceful sunny day on the lawns. Or like myself catching a mysterious cold that will leave you bedridden for days while people get awesome sun tans.

However, remember on the lawns the party never ends, meaning that if you miss out on the sunshine during the daytime go bask in the moonlight with the rest of the night owls! You might surprise yourself by finding that there is, even more, to do there at night than during the day. 

In fact, there are plenty of frisbees and other games to indulge in at midnight or three in the morning, one could say it even adds to the whole experience. So whether you are reading a book, playing ball, or simply having an aesthetic picnic with your friends, the lawns are the place to be if you are feeling those summertime tingles!

Featured Image Via Bwog Archives