April showers bring… April flowers!

April is the month of flowers, and we at Bwog love the new floral displays on campus and around Morningside Heights! Read on for some of our top picks for places to enjoy all the flora this spring season.


A New York Spring staple, daffodils can be found almost everywhere you look!

Here are some good blooms around and near campus:

  • All over campus! Namely outside Furnald, Lewisohn, Earl, and Low
    • The flower bed outside Earl Hall in particular has many gorgeous daffodils of several varieties!
  • 111th Street People’s Park
  • Riverside Park at 116th
  • Several were planted in various flower beds throughout Riverside

Cherry Blossoms

Cherry blossom blooms are hard to predict but typically happen in mid-April. A few days of consistently warm weather usually prompt blooming, so cherry blossoms should be spotted shortly.

Where to go near campus:

  • Sakura Park
  • 125th Street and Riverside 
  • Riverside Park on the Hudson between 100th and 135th Street
  • On campus on Math Lawns

Magnolia Flowers

Magnolias bloom throughout the spring but are starting to blossom around campus now!

Where to find magnolia flowers:


Wisteria typically blooms in late April and early May. We are a couple of weeks away but keep a look out!

Where to spot Wisteria:

  • Tucked behind the Athena Statue next to Futter Field, there’s a small iron archway covered in wisteria vines


Like Wisteria, tulip blooms happen a little later but some are starting to pop up!

Where to go near campus:

  • Tulip festival at 96th and Broadway, beginning April 14 through 15!
  • The flower beds on the edges of Butler lawns

Ava Slocum and Charlotte Slovin contributed to reporting.

Columbia Flower Map via Beatrix Holstine

Other images via Authors