Bwogline: The Governor of Montana has banned TikTok. In his speech, Governor Greg Gianforte cited private data concerns and ByteDance’s relationship with the Chinese government. Free Speech Groups like the ACLU asserted that this law is incompatible with the First Amendment because it bans a communication platform without proving that it meets the standard of preventing an immediate harm to national security. A legal battle is likely to ensue. (New York Times)

Fun Start-of-Summer Activity: Sleep. Sleep so much, especially if you just graduated.

Music of the Day: One Day More from Les Misérables, because Bwog has only one more day of Spring publishing!

Procrastination Tip: There’s nothing to procrastinate unless you filed for an incomplete. In that case, I don’t want to enable you.

Overseen/Overheard: My local deli sells burritos and fries at ridiculously high prices now. 

Woman Lying in the Dunes near Noordwijk (1902) via Artvee