Happy finals week and (almost) end of the semester! We at Bwog are so proud of you for all of your hard work this year. Wishing you good luck on finals and safe travels!

This weekend, Bwog studied:

  • Became one with Butler stacks.
  • Did SO MUCH WORK Jesus.
  • Primal screamed.
  • Guys the whole 19 credits thing is killing me.
  • Turned in the worst essay of my college career (corroborated by outside opinions).
  • Attended many senior thesis presentations, none of which were my own.
  • Took full advantage of the weather and studied out on philosophy lawn
  • Presented my thesis!

Bwog partied:

  • Went to the launch party of the magazine i worked on all year, heard some great pieces being read.
  • Organized and was sappy at Bwog’s senior send-off!!!! Crying.
  • Instacart-ed boxed wine, that’s 68 glasses people.
  • Played wine pong for the first and only time. Never use Franzia wine instead of beer for a game of pong, folks!
  • Threw two parties back to back. Ended up with more alcohol than I started with, dammit.

Bwog experienced emotions:

  • Went to a concert for one of my favorite artists and it was so beautiful and amazing and I felt so joyful.
  • Was given a very old dog to hold in the Milstein lobby, she was perfect.
  • Felt like a mouse in a maze.
  • Cried a lot for graduation reasons.
  • Felt so so loved.
  • Got emotional about Bwog.
  • Spent much time outside because This… This is weather.
  • Starting moving out, felt baffled that junior year is ending.

Bwog may have achieved self-actualization:

  • Felt good about the future.
  • Just floated along toward the end of things.
  • Felt secure in my friendships and in me. I feel proud and ready to graduate.

Summery campus via Bwog Archives