One Bwogger reports on… an interesting odor.

The door swings open. 

Oh, dorm sweet dorm!

Yet, a pause.

An unwelcome scent has infiltrated

This corner of Sulz, 

Our AC’d sanctuary

Now tainted.

Tendrils of stink making their way out of the walls,

Seeping into my olfactory organs

Taking over, 

A slow expansion west, if you will. 

I am reminded of Yellowstone National Park, 

Renowned for its geysers, 



Perhaps less so for its pits of yellowish acid.

A pool of sulfur

Bottled up

And sprayed like champagne in a locker room, 

Coating the walls, the popcorn ceilings,

Except we’re the losing team. 

Wishing to expel this stench, 

I search for the source. 

Where did this imposter come from? 

Who allowed it entry? 

I emerge stumped,

Just as stinky as before.  

After dinner

I return

The same smell cloaking any familiar scent, 




Now marinating in wet dog and pond scum. 

I sit, defeated

Resigned to an evening of work, 

Surrounded by this aromatic gloom. 

I inhale, a sigh. 

What’s that I smell? 


Where has our dear friend gone? 

Yet there it lingers,

Like a nervous puppy, 

Waiting for approval, 

Settling upon every surface. 

I can no longer allow myself to will it away.

Our dear Sulz stench, 

With its infamous sulfuric scent,

We claim you as our own. 

Though we know not your origin, your birth,

We welcome you,

Now a part of our home.

Sulz via Bwog Archives