This could be you.

Happening in the World: The US announced it will arm Kyiv with depleted uranium tank shells as part of more than one billion dollars in military and humanitarian aid. These tanks are made of depleted uranium, a waste product from the process of enriching uranium for nuclear fuel. It cannot generate a nuclear reaction and according to the International Atomic Energy Agency, it is “considerably less radioactive than natural uranium.” These shells have an increased ability to bore through armor. The Russian embassy in Washington denounced this decision, calling it an “indicator of inhumanity.” (BBC)

Happening in the US: Six voters in Colorado filed a lawsuit to remove Donald Trump from the state’s election ballots because of his role in the January 6 insurrection. Their lawsuit contends that Trump should be disqualified from running in future elections under Section 3 of the 14th Amendment of the Constitution, which “states that no person shall hold any office if they ‘engaged in insurrection or rebellion’ after having taken an oath to support the Constitution.” (NBC)

Happening in NYC: On the third day of the late summer heat wave, some New Yorkers woke up without power, as Con Edison reported scattered power outages due to heat. This affected about 1,500 customers, with an outage in Rego Park, Queens. Con Edison spokesperson Allan Drury explained that the combination of hot air temperatures and more demand on the system lead to the outage. The load on the electrical system reached an all-summer high yesterday of 11,834 megawatts at 6 pm, while today’s load is forecasted to reach 11,900 megawatts. (Gothamist)

Happening in Our Community: Want to be a part of Pitch Perfect in real life? Check out the last night of a cappella auditions tonight! Auditions for all eleven Columbia groups will be taking place from 8 to 11 pm tonight in Hamilton Hall 302.

Barden Bellas via Wikimedia Commons