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Bwamma Mia! Here we go again: after four long months in hibernation, BwogLetter is back in full force. That’s right, BwogLetter, Bwog’s weekly newsletter summarizing campus life and our most recent content highlights, has resumed its regular publication schedule! 

Knowing Me, Knowing You, I’m sure you’ve been looking eagerly for a fun, fast, free way to catch up on everything happening around campus. Columbia is a big school, and it’s nearly impossible to keep up with everything going on in any given week. If trying to keep up has you saying SOS, not to fear! That’s exactly what BwogLetter is for. From the most recent campus news, to can’t miss events, to honest reviews of Columbia’s infinitely niche dining halls, BwogLetter has it all in spades, 100% free. 

Much like ABBA Voyage, in which the four elderly, divorced members of Sweden’s iconic pop supergroup come together in holograph form to perform their greatest hits, BwogLetter brings together the Super Troupers behind Bwog’s news and events coverage for a weekly roundup of the campus happenings, delivered straight to your inbox every Sunday night. 

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  • Bwog’s highlights from the past week—everything from recent arts coverage, to the biggest bits of breaking news, to our funniest shortforms! 
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  • Information about all of the coolest upcoming events on campus.
  • Bwog Deputy News Editor Emma Burris’s delightful sense of humor
  • So, so, so much more! 

In other words, you could say… the… Winner BwogLetter Subscriber Takes It All….

Don’t let BwogLetter go Slipping Through Your Fingers. Say I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do to subscribing today, and we’ll see you in the inbox this Sunday! 

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