President Rosenbury cropped Barnard Student and Guest Writer Rory Collins out of her Instagram photo on August 30th, and it has affected the aforementioned very deeply.

On Wednesday, August 30th, my entire perception of the leader I am supposed to call my president was changed. I had looked up to her, trusted her, and even loved her. Yet, the feeling was not mutual, as this petty act of unkindness has shaken me to my core. I have been ruminating on what happened between the two of us ever since that fateful day, turning over and over in my head what I could have done to make her cut me out of her life so swiftly. Was it something I said? Did I smell weird upon our first meeting? I toss and turn at night, swallowing the tears that come when I think of what our relationship could have been had this not happened. 

Yes, the worst has happened. The most dreaded day. President Laura Rosenbury of Barnard College cropped me out of her Instagram post. There I was, aimlessly scrolling, when I saw this cruel post in my feed. Something in me has broken, and I am unsure of how to stitch myself back together.

Oh, PresBury, the girls we could have been together! Frolicking down 116th, giggling as we disrupt those working in Milstein, whispering secrets in the stacks of Butler … we could have had it all. Board game nights at Hex’s, trips on the forever delayed 1 train, pretending we’re religious just to sneak a peek at St. John the Divine … I thought about introducing you to my roommate, how the three of us could have gone to pretentious jazz concerts and drank chai from Liz’s under the stars. But alas … the fantasies must stay just fantasies.

It’s funny, you know, I would have reposted the photo had I been included. Perhaps I would have added a silly emoji, a heart eyes, or maybe some stars. Or perchance I would have actually attended convocation instead of opting to nap in my dorm and get free ice cream instead (thanks for that, by the way. You do earn some points there.) But alas, that all seems to have been thrown away in one of the very overfilled Diana trash cans. You made me look the fool, engaging with me in a discussion about Braiding Sweetgrass and then not giving me the opportunity to boast about my attendance in the conversation on social media. Don’t you know that people only do things to obtain likes? 

PresBury, I mean no harm by this letter. I simply want to express my disappointment in your actions. It is very important to be aware of what you post on social media and how it may affect others. I hope we can put this beef aside and stand united together soon, as Bold and Beautiful Barnard women. But, until then, you will have to remain unfollowed by my personal Instagram account.

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