Anyone looking to spice up their reputation?

Every year, each incoming freshman class will inevitably have some sort of “grade-wide” group chat. Whether on WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat… It’s a canon event. It’s going to happen. The chat usually begins when everyone receives their acceptance letters, and the excitement of the new first years and their quest for friends and connection is marked by hundreds and hundreds of message notifications. This tends to die down around mid-summer as people get busy, but once that season starts to come to an end, the group chat picks up once again in anticipation of the new year. Questions swirl around: what mattress toppers are you guys getting? Who’s a STEM major? Anyone interested in being roommates? It feels like a tornado of mixed emotions before everyone gets settled into their new college lifestyle. 

By the second or third week of dorm living, the group chats have died down quite a bit. Almost everyone has found at least one person to direct their questions to, has found a routine and (hopefully) eased into it, and now the message notifications piling into your phone become a bit more mundane. Does anyone have Chem and want to study together? Anyone have a sharpie I can borrow? Things like this are the new norm and are, frankly, a bit boring. The “oomph” of the group chats has ended, and I feel they need to be spiced back up again. Express yourself in your messages! Don’t shy away from asking your fellow first years for favors! Below are some ideas to get you started on becoming even MORE comfortable in your group chat community:

1. Anyone else going to the Plugged University 100 gecs x Euphoria night and want to uber together?

2. Can someone come open the Diana Center doors for me? My little arms are too weak and small. 

3. Watching Mr. Schue’s version of “Thong Song” on the Sulz 8 lounge TV if anyone wants to join!

4. To whoever’s laundry I moved out of the dryer: I think you might have to wash it again… There’s a huge brown stain on your jeans… I swear it wasn’t me it was there when I took them out.

5. Guys why do I feel like I’m gonna see the twins from the shining every time I walk through Hewitt Hall

6. Y’all PLEASE remember to take your hair out of the drain after you shower. I’m done feeling like I’m washing myself in the same place bigfoot did. 

7. Hey guys, I lost my Dior converse. If you find them, please return them to me :) Thanks!

8. Does anyone have an extra diva cup I can borrow? I promise I’ll boil it before I give it back :))

9. Anyone know where to throw out large, heavy, body-shaped bag? The dumpsters in the basement are all full :(

10. BTW if our hall starts smelling weird in a bit it’s just me and my roommate cooking meth :) <3

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