Happy October, and welcome to heat season.

Happening in the World: The first week of the Asian Games is over. This two-week multi-sport event features participants from 45 nations and territories and includes competitions from wushu to chess to dragon boat racing. (AP)

Happening in the US: The federal government narrowly avoided a government shutdown when a bill was finally pushed through at the last minute that will keep the government open until mid-November. Though House Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s last version of the bill did not include government aid to Ukraine despite support for that effort from both parties, the Democratic party voted to pass it. President Biden signed the bill just before midnight. (NYT)

Happening in NYC: “Heat season” starts today in NYC. From today, October 1, to May 31, property owners will be required to turn on the heating whenever the outdoor temperature is below 55 degrees. With temperatures rising into the high seventies this week, perhaps that won’t happen quite yet. (Gothamist)

Happening in Our Community: Join Columbia Health for a virtual 90-minute “Peace and Presence” yoga session at 3 pm. Info here.

Autumn leaves via Wikimedia Commons.