Starbucks workers on strike, Ol’ Dirty Bastard Day, and more in this edition of Bwoglines!

Happening in the World: President Joe Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping held a constructive meeting near San Francisco, marking one year since their last encounter. Discussions included agreements on curbing illicit fentanyl production, resuming military communications and addressing artificial intelligence. Biden urged Xi to ease global tensions, particularly in the Iran-Israel-Hamas conflict and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The leaders had a clear-headed discussion on Taiwan, with Biden reaffirming the “One China” policy while emphasizing continued U.S. support for Taiwan. Economic challenges, including China’s request to lift sanctions, were also addressed. The meeting aimed to demonstrate progress and understanding between the two leaders, who have a longstanding relationship. (AP)

Happening in the US: Thousands of unionized Starbucks workers plan to strike today, seeking contract negotiations and highlighting staffing and scheduling concerns. The walkout coincides with the Red Cup Day promotion. The union argues that events like these overwhelm workers without adequate staffing. Starbucks contends that the union’s insistence on online negotiations is hindering talks. This marks the latest development since a Buffalo store unionized in 2021, with previous rulings against Starbucks for labor law violations. (NYT)

Happening in NYC:  On Wednesday, the New York City Council approved a resolution declaring November 15 as Ol’ Dirty Bastard Day. This designation pays tribute to his influential role as a co-founder of the Wu-Tang Clan and his legendary status as an MC. The resolution, backed by Democratic Councilmember Chi Ossé, garnered support from 39 members, while 5 voted against it. This recognition comes as hip-hop marks its 50th anniversary this year, solidifying its mainstream acceptance in the city. Notably, this acknowledgment aligns with the trend of naming streets after renowned artists and publicly honoring those who laid the foundation for the genre. (Gothamist)

Happening in Our Community: On Friday from 6 to 8:10 pm, Columbia Astronomy Public Outreach will host PhD candidate Jennifer Mead for a presentation on ‘Tales from the Stellar Graveyard: The Ghost of Stars Past’ where she will discuss how astronomers analyze light to reveal the secrets of dead stars. The event will include astronomy trivia, Mead’s presentation, and a Q&A session, followed by stargazing on College Walk. The event will take place in Pupin 301. Registration is not required.

Starbucks via Wikimedia Commons