They’re on the mind. Always. Haunting us.

Bwogline: New York City residents woke up to power disruptions on Monday morning as a powerful storm persisted, bringing heavy rain and a flood watch to the region. Con Edison reported this morning that over 19,000 customers citywide were affected by power outages. Westchester was the most severely impacted, with more than 6,600 customers experiencing power disruptions, followed by Queens with nearly 6,000 affected, trailed by Staten Island with over 3,700, the Bronx with 1,900, and Brooklyn with 1,300. (Gothamist)

Study Tip: Today is a work from home day. Avoid the library bedbugs! Just don’t go to the library!

Music of the Day: “Digital Silence – Live From New York” by Peter McPoland. T-I-K-T-O-K, TikTok!

Procrastination Tip: Build your Minecraft cat army.

Overseen Overheard: “Being a Cell Bio major is a choice, and I just don’t agree with their lifestyle.”

Bedbug via iStock