Alternatively, RIP Mel’s Edition.

Bwog wrote. A lot. 

  • Discovered a new hatred for in class essays
  • Wrote a mock Supreme Court decision
  • Finished a 33 page colloquium paper
    • AMA about libel law in the UK 
  • Moved into Butler for thesis writing but then moved out bc of bed bugs….
  • Finished my THESIS!
  • Spent my language final reading an essay about people who go to cemeteries to play instruments in the hopes of conjuring the spirits of righteous souls
  • Wrote a paper at the kitchen table
    •  Genuinely sat at my kitchen table for probably like 48 hours barely interrupted
  • Finished a final paper, felt like I finished a dissertation

Bwog partied hard…: 

  • Celebrated two birthdays (mine and my friend’s)
  • Waited in the Mel’s line for 40 minutes
  • Went to a SOUP THEMED holiday party, it rocked
  • Went to Cubbyhole but had to leave because apparently it was “let’s let all the men in tonight” night
  • Had a game night at said kitchen table, laughed my ass off, appreciated my friends

… and procrastinated:

  • Made all my friends anise cookies
  • Drank about 20 cans of coke 
  • Played SO much Minecraft 
  • Made all my friends anise cookies
  • Napped a lot
  • Rewatched 2 and a half seasons of derry girls, god I love that show
  • Got disproportionately excited for the Percy Jackson TV show
  • Revisited an old favorite uh… piece of literature
  • Got a new kettle (!)

Bwog spent time with friends…: 

  • Said goodbye to some friends
  • Visited my friend’s house and had dinner with her family
  • Saw a friend from home!
  • Saw a friend from high school, heard some piping hot tea
  • Celebrated Mels with friends 

…and made new friends: 

  • Sacrificed to Cthulhu for good luck on finals
  • Met a dog named Stanley
  • Met the “Mayor of Meatpacking” down by Chelsea Market. Very NYC random encounter.

Finally, Bwog reflected on the semester: 

  • Reminisced on the semester

Your soul after finals via Bwog Archives