Need to know where to find a good cup of joe?

Has your coffee intake increased since coming to college? If you’re like me it very well has. I think it’s safe to say that the pure coffee in the dining halls tastes pretty much the same however it is what is added to the drink that truly makes it a good cup of joe. Not every dining hall coffee station offers students the same thing. Here is a ranking of the best coffee stations on campus.  

7. Chef Mike’s Sub Shop. Chef Mike’s doesn’t have a definitive coffee station… all they have is the 4 Jacks NITRO COLD BREW machine. But it’s the thought that counts (at least it’s caffeine). 

6. Hewitt. Personally, I think Hewitt has the best-tasting coffee out of every dining hall. It’s a very good and simple cup of joe. However, the coffee station is a bit lacking. Unlike other dining halls, there are no syrups or to-go cups. 

5. Chef Don’s Pizza Pi. Chef Don’s has a cute little coffee area with the NITRO COLD BREW and hot coffee. There are no syrups just sugar and cream. 

4. JJs. A great option for a late-night snack and coffee run. Not too sure about pairing coffee with a cheeseburger but hey, you do you. The station is right near the entrance and can get a little crowded. 

3. Ferris. Ferris has an awesome variety of caffeine and milk options but its location is very inconvenient. Between constantly bumping into the omelet/pasta line on one side and the salad and dessert side on the other it makes getting any drink a real struggle. Also, the milks are not close to the coffee instead you have to fight your way down to the end of the station. If you can deal with the crowd, then Ferris is a good choice for coffee.

2. John Jay. Dealing with the constant flow of traffic can be a little hard and the coffee station can get crowded, but if you’re willing to wait or can squeeze your way into the station, there is a wide variety of syrups you can choose from. Great for a to-go coffee.  

1. Grace Dodge. Just Like everything else about Grace Dodge the coffee station is just as adorable. The station is in its little nook away from everything else and has different syrups and milks. Although you might have to juggle your coffee with the rest of your food (because you’re not allowed to re-enter), it truly has the number one best setup.

Coffee via Bwog Archives