Publisher Sophie Conrad and Social Media Editor Tal Bloom are fighting again.

You know what they say: a lot can change in a year. The tides, the average global temperature, the stocks. But do you know what they don’t tell you? That your opinions on Valentine’s Day can change.

Last year, we went head to head. We battled. Tal claimed Valentine’s Day was dumb. Sophie did not. And you know what? We’re here to correct our narratives. To ensure our digital footprints stay true to the beliefs at the core of our hearts. At long last, we present to you: At Two Swords’ Length: Valentine’s Day: The Sequel.

Pro-Valentine’s Day: Tal

OKAY DO YOU KNOW WHAT GUYS? I LIED! Valentine’s Day is CUTESY!!!!! Does it just exist to make people money? Yes, absolutely. Is it sooo capitalist and American and un-love-ethic that we need a Day to tell people we love them? Yes.

But? Is it adorable? A hundred times yes!! Last year was my first Barnard Valentine’s Day, and it was truly the most love I’ve felt since those elementary school days where we would all make little sparkly mailboxes and get tens of Valentine’s. Everyone had cutesy eyeliner and pink bows; people were frolicking and giggling. It was pure whimsy. Delight. Everything we’re missing in this cold, sad world.

Today, I already have seen three people with heart eye makeup. I’ve passed four a cappella groups serenading blushing couples. This is what the saints intended (is that religious reference even close to correct?).

And do you know what? The people are happy. There’s no need to bash them.

Anti-Valentine’s Day: Sophie 

Wait, I’m anti-love this year? Okay, maybe I DO feel old and grumpy. I can make this work. 

Last week, I was in Brooklyn. And I went into a little shop that looked like a little Valentine’s Day themed thing. And they were giving out free hot chocolate samples “with mushrooms in it. For medicinal purposes.” Maybe my entire view of Valentine’s Day was ruined by shroom chocolate.

I hate mushrooms. 

At Two Swords’ Length via Magic Design and Bwog Staff