Barnard should give the 600s fun names.


  • Stores and restaurants: Close to Shake Shack, Morton Williams, Pret, Sweetgreen, and the food trucks on Broadway. 
  • Nearby dorms: Between 600 and 620, across from the Quad. Close to Elliot, Woodbridge, Schapiro, and Claremont. 
  • Cost: Yearly expected cost is $12,438 for traditional singles and doubles (as of 2024).


  • Bathrooms: Each suite has a private bathroom.
  • AC/Heating:  616 has air conditioning. 
  • Kitchen: The suite kitchens all have refrigerators, a sink, an oven, a stovetop, chairs, and a table. Plenty of cabinet/storage space, too.
  • Lounges: Communal lounge on the first floor. Very spacious, has a piano and a couple of couches and tables. Separate computer lounge. Two public restrooms on the ground floor as well.
  • Laundry: The laundry room is in the basement. 6 washers and 8 dryers.
  • Gym: 616 does not have a gym. 
  • Hardwood/Carpet: Linoleum tile-type floors.
  • Wifi:  Access to Barnard Secure and Barnard Guest. 

Room Variety

  • Singles and doubles in five to six-person suites 
    • The doubles are very spacious: Approximately 192 to 221 square feet!
  • Suites have either two singles and two doubles or three singles and one double.

Numbers from the 2023 lottery: 

  • Out of 174 students that picked 616, 19.5% were seniors (34), 41.4% were juniors (72), and 39.1% were sophomores (68). 

Bwog recommendation: 

616 isn’t perfect, but it is overall a pretty good residence hall. Some of the doubles are shafted, but what they lack in natural light they make up for in square footage. Kitchens are on the smaller side, but the bathrooms are spacious. Location is amazing- super close to campus and the 116th street subway station, but also not as close to Broadway as 600, so it’s pretty quiet. The laundry room is shared with the whole building, but if you time it right, you usually don’t have to wait to use the machines. The suites unfortunately do not have a common area besides the kitchen, but if you factor in how big the rooms are, it’s not a bad trade-off. One word of warning: the bathrooms are not super-well ventilated, so black mold can become a problem- just make sure to open the window after you take a shower and you’ll be fine. 

Resident opinions: 

  • “Probably the best out of the other 600s.”
  • “Cases of black mold. Beware.”
  • “Air conditioning!!”
  • “No rats or roaches!” 
  • “Elevators are kinda tiny.”
  • “Great lounge space!”


616 double
616 kitchen

Header Image via Bwarchives

616 photos via Barnard College