I’m totally not deprived of Boygenius content post-Grammys. That’s crazy, why would you say that…

As an average (insufferable) Boygenius fan, I spend a lot of my time thinking about them in contexts where they simply don’t belong, hence, this article. 


  1. Bite The Hand: Drama and Theatre Arts

I know you’re exhausted from carrying the future of Broadway on your back, so don’t stress if you can’t love us the way we love you!

  1. Me and My Dog: Educational Studies 

This is likely the first Boygenius song you introduced your friends to before excitedly teaching them all of the lore, making this the perfect song for our future educators!

  1. Souvenir: Neuroscience and Behavior  

Yes, please cut a hole into my skull and tell me if you hate what you see!

  1. Stay Down: Anthropology 

An underrated banger, just like the anthropology major. 

  1. Salt in the Wound: Religion

Gnashing my teeth like a child of Cain!!

  1. Ketchum, ID: American Studies 

I had to… but in all seriousness, the diversity of an American Studies major lets you learn a little bit of everything before settling on a specialty, much like traveling the world as a touring artist and eventually escaping to a quiet sanctuary like Ketchum, Idaho. 

the record: 

  1. Without You Without Them: History 

This ode to ancestry and lineage perfectly captures the spirit of the history department. 

  1. $20: Economics 

Because although we might be running out of gas, time, and money you guys are doing what you can to fix it!

  1. Emily, I’m Sorry: Sociology 

If sociology is the study of society and relationships, I‘d love to hear my professor’s opinions on this song…

  1. True Blue: Women and Gender Studies

Listening to Boygenius and being a Women’s Studies major are basically synonymous and really any song would apply, so why not pick my favorite? You may not be on track to make six figures post-graduation (if you are, please tell me how), but it’s okay, your love for the major is tried and true (blue).

  1. Cool About It: Psychology 

You obsess over every situation before and after it happens. You have never been nonchalant about anything. Ever. 

  1. Not Strong Enough: Physics 

Can you explain why every clock’s a different time (please help or I might fail frosci)?

  1. Revolution 0: Music

You understood the niche Elliot Smith references the first time you heard them and explained them in depth to anyone who would listen.

  1. Leonard Cohen: English 

A lot of people pretend to know who Leonard Cohen is, but you probably wrote your personal statement about him. 

  1. Satanist: Philosophy 

Your 11th-grade English teacher made you read the Communist Manifesto and you never looked back. 

  1. We’re In Love: Art History 

If the rumors are true, I wonder if all those trips to MoMA helped you catch the reference to The Bathers by Paul Cezanne?  

  1. Anti-Curse: Computer Engineering 

You were probably warned against doing this one, but after taking a few classes, you realized that although it’s hard, you’ll be okay. 

  1. Letter To An Old Poet: Mathematics

For all the burnt-out STEM kids being held hostage by their never-ending requirements.  

the rest

  1. Black Hole: Physics 

This melancholy hit was birthed from a NASA article detailing the possibility that a black hole was creating stars, rather than destroying them. Just the sort of headline that would peak the interests of Barnumbia’s most dedicated physicists! 

  1. Afraid of Heights: Urban Studies 

In the spirit of the major, this song tackles the complexities of politics, culture, and relationships through its thought-provoking metaphors, references to cityscapes, and the quest to improve society from its destruction. 

  1. Voyager: Astronomy 

Quick history lesson: the inspiration for the title is inspired by the Voyager 1 space probe launched by NASA in 1977, which took the iconic Pale Blue Dot image of Earth in 1990. Between the title and the obvious Neil Armstrong reference, this is the perfect song for anyone dedicated to studying the cosmos.

  1. Powers: Creative Writing 

I can confidently state that the only other people besides Julien Baker who could seamlessly connect comic book tropes, self-discovery, Kafka, and science experiments are creative writing majors. 

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