On Tuesday, Columbia Health announced that they will now offer medication abortion on campus. This added option for students “extends access to care and reaffirms [Columbia Health’s] commitment to supporting the reproductive rights of students,” they wrote in their announcement.

As of yesterday, March 18, Columbia Health will offer medication abortion on campus. This service is defined as a method that uses oral medication to induce the termination of pregnancy. According to a recent news briefing from the organization, this will come at no additional cost to students who have paid the full-time Columbia Health and Related Services Fee. According to the briefing, students can receive the service at Columbia Health and Student Health on Haven at the CUIMC campus. 

This move extends options already available to students. Previously, related services for students on the health insurance plan were available through referrals to Columbia Doctors and an off-campus network of abortion providers. 

Any student who may be pregnant and considering their options can schedule a sexual and reproductive health visit with the Alice! Health promotion or call 212-854-7426 for more information from the clinical team about their options. On Monday, Columbia Health updated a guide that provides details to students unsure of which option is right for them. Students seeking a medication abortion can schedule an in-person appointment with a provider on the Medical Abortion team. A full list of team members and Frequently Asked Questions can be found at the Columbia Health guide here.

Low Library via Bwog Archives.