Cozy and cute apartment living, if you’re ok with being in a double!

Location: 601 W 110th, between Broadway and Riverside Drive

  • Nearby dorms: Harmony Hall, Carlton Arms
  • Stores and restaurants: CVS, H Mart, Westside Market, Koronet Pizza, Chipotle, Gong Cha, The Hungarian Pastry Shop

Cost: $12,438 this year for single/multiple occupancy rooms, $20,264 for studio singles. Expect the price to increase a little bit.


  • Bathrooms: 1-2 bathrooms in each suite.
  • AC/Heating: No AC and portable/window units are not allowed, heating is provided through radiators.
  • Kitchen: Most suites have an oven, refrigerator, stovetop, and sink. Studio singles typically have a kitchenette with a stove but no oven.
  • Lounge: There is no lounge space, but most suites have a living room area.
  • Laundry: Located in the basement and uses a separate system from the Barnard machines.
  • Computers/Printing: No.
  • Fire Escapes: One on each floor.
  • Gym: No.
  • Bike Storage: No.
  • Intra-transportation: (Slow) elevators stop at each floor and the entrance is wheelchair-accessible.
  • Hardwood/Carpet: Mostly hardwood, some rooms have carpets.
  • Wifi: Each suite has a router.

Room variety:

  • Studio singles, single, double, and triple rooms in suites.
  • Mostly 4-person suites with two doubles, with some 6-person, 2-person, and 3-person suites.
    • Before the 2023 lottery, there were 16 6-person suites, 1 5-person suite, 6 4-person suites, 8 studio singles, 3 singles, 22 doubles, and 7 triples available.
  • Almost no singles that aren’t studio singles.


  • In the 2023 housing lottery, 74 sophomores, 75 juniors, and 14 seniors picked into 110th.

Bwog recommendation:

If you want to get the feel of a real New York apartment and don’t mind the heat, 110th could be for you. With mostly wooden floors, a spacious lobby, and shared living areas within the suites, this building has plenty of positives. Although the building is almost entirely made up of doubles, you can get incredible views down Broadway or across the river on the higher floors. Unfortunately, you could also get a suite on the lower floors or get shafted, and end up with less natural light. You have great proximity to convenience and grocery stores and the 110th subway station, which is great for late-night trips. It’s a bit of a walk to campus, but not as far as Cathedral Gardens. If you want to separate your schoolwork and personal life, the distance can be a plus. The building does not have any AC, and the heating is known to be very strong. 

Resident opinions:

  • “If you get a higher floor/unshafted room, you’ve literally got the best apartment you’ll ever have in New York.”
  • “The charm is unbeatable, the distance to restaurants [is] incredible, and proximity to the train is unmatched.”
  • “Maintenance is also so incredibly quick and kind, the entire building staff is so lovely. Plus, there is an ID reader now.”
  • “If AC [isn’t] a dealbreaker, the positives of 110 might be worth it.”

Header via Barnard Housing

Gallery images via Bwog Staff