Are you a rising junior looking for a single? Is it way too late for you to find a suite group? Elliott Hall may be the place for you!

Location: 49 Claremont (at the corner of 119th Street and Claremont)

  • Nearby dorms: The Quad, 600, 616, 600, and Claremont (Columbia)
  • Stores and restaurants: None on the same block as the building. The closest are stores and restaurants near the corner of 116th and Broadway (Morton Williams, Pret, Shake Shack, Starbucks, etc.)

Cost: $12,438 per year, $6,219 per semester


  • Bathrooms: Two shared bathrooms per floor, one on either side of the hallway. One is gender inclusive and one is a women’s restroom. 
  • AC/Heating: Each room contains an AC unit and heater, both of which can be turned on and off.
  • Kitchen: Two communal kitchens per floor, one on either side of the hallway.
  • Lounge: One lounge on each floor, which includes a TV, couches, and a table and chairs.
  • Laundry: The building’s laundry room is in the basement. It contains four washers and dryers.
  • Computers/Printing: There is one PawPrinter in the lobby. 
  • Elevators: There is one elevator in the building that goes to all floors. The entrance is also wheelchair accessible.
  • Hardwood/Carpet: Linoleum floors in rooms and common spaces, carpeted hallways.
  • Bonus: Elliott Hall also contains the CARES office and Beyond Barnard.

Room variety:

  • Corridor-style. Two 12-person clusters per floor which each have one bathroom and one kitchen (the lounge area is shared between all floor residents).
    • Four doubles per floor (two per cluster)
    • 16 singles per floor (eight per cluster)
  • Most rooms are relatively small (particularly the doubles, which are all around 150 square feet.)

Stats from 2023 Housing Lottery:

  • Out of the 73 students who picked into Elliott during last year’s housing lottery, 14 groups of two picked into doubles and 45 people picked into singles. 19 rising seniors and 26 rising juniors picked into singles. Four rising juniors and 24 rising sophomores picked into doubles.

Bwog recommendation:

Although Elliott isn’t the most famed Barnard housing option, it’s a nice place to live if you’re down with corridor-style dorms and a small-ish space. One of its greatest advantages is its proximity to campus; the Claremont entrance to Barnard is quite literally a 15-second walk away. It’s also a great option for people—especially rising juniors—looking for a non-suite style single. Plus, if you’re looking for career advice or need to turn something in to the lost-and-found, CARES and Beyond Barnard are just a few floors away! If I had to sum Elliott Hall up, I would say it retains everything good about living about living in the Quad (e.g. close to campus, corridor-style, no cleaning the bathroom) while removing everything bad about living in the Quad (e.g. living in the Quad).

Resident opinions:

  • “It’s just chill vibes, the rooms are tiny, and people just sort of keep to themselves.”
  • “Elliott is quiet, cramped, and delightful if you are boring and don’t want to have fun.”
  • “You’ll get nice, chill neighbors and a peaceful atmosphere to live in.”
  • “If you’re in a double, then you better be very positive that you like the person you’re living with.”
  • “Make sure to mention how small the rooms are.”

Header via Bwog Archives

Photos via Bwog Staff