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Women in Science: Lessons from the Past and Promise for the Future

  • Tuesday, March 26 from 4 to 5:30 pm
  • Online over Zoom. Registration required.
  • “Over the long history of science, women have rarely been recognized for their extraordinary contributions. Join a rich discussion about the past and current discrimination of women scientists in the field, and what kind of promise awaits for the future of women in STEM.” More information.

Katherine Calvin – Space, Aeronautics and Climate

  • Tuesday, March 26 from 5 to 7 pm
  • In-person at the Forum and online over Zoom. Registration required. 
  • “Earth’s climate is changing, and space provides one of the best places to observe these impacts. NASA’s leadership and work with partners in research, modeling and Earth observation helps us better understand how the planet is changing. Kate Calvin will discuss NASA’s climate portfolio, including recently launched missions, recent climate data, space exploration and how NASA is working to advance aeronautical science and develop innovative technologies.” More information. 

Climate Change and Indigenous Lives

  • Wednesday, March 27 from 12 to 1 pm
  • In-person at Altschul Hall (Atrium)
  • “Climate change is a global phenomenon. However, its effects vary by region, ecosystem, and cultural groups, placing different communities at the forefront of changing global climates. Whether through increasing pressures on environmental and cultural adaptation strategies or increasing requests for collaborations by outside researchers, Indigenous Peoples are at the forefront of these changes. To discuss the unique climate demands, challenges, and hopes facing Indigenous Peoples, join an interactive conversation with five Indigenous thought leaders and community members from Papua New Guinea and Canada.” More information

Music on the Brain with the National Jazz Museum: Defying Expectations

  • Thursday, March 28th from 7 to 8 pm 
  • In-person at The National Jazz Museum in Harlem. Registration required
  • “Join multi-instrumentalist jazz musician, composer, and educator T.K. Blue, pianist James Austin, and Zuckerman Institute PhD student and NSF Fellow Abhishek Shah for a jazz concert and dialogue exploring the fascinating parallels between neuroscience and jazz improvisation.” More information

Attention and Attunement: Art, Neuroscience, and Philosophy

  • Friday, March 29 from 2:30 to 4 pm
  • In-person at the Italian Academy for Advanced Studies. Registration required
  • “What are the factors that shape our visual engagement with images and, more broadly, the world? Are there styles of looking and attending? Some influences are well-known: what we intend to do shapes attention as do visual features in the world, what scientists call top-down and bottom-up factors. Yet what about knowledge and expectations, those things we learn and acquire as social and cultural beings? How do culture and experience mold attention and change our sensitivity to things, attunement, and our need to acquire new information? In this event, an art historian, a philosopher and a neuroscientist draw on different perspectives to examine how we visually engage with art and the world and discuss how distinct approaches can jointly explain the historical influences on visual exploration and the underlying neural mechanisms that shape how we look.” More information.

Science Fair via Giovanni De La Rosa