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“We Still Have Life”: Emotional Resilience In The Face Of Disaster

On Wednesday evening, Senior Staff Writer Charlotte Slovin attended “Building Emotional Resilience in the Age of Disasters and COVID-19,” a panel discussion hosted by the Columbia Journalism School and the Center for Public Integrity. The event focused on perseverance and the mental health implications of natural disasters.

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How to Write A Good Op-Ed (But Not For Bwog)

Former New York Times Op-Ed editor Trish Hall spoke on campus Wednesday evening about the elements of a great op-ed at an open class session hosted by Telecommunications, Media, and Communications professor Claudia Dreifus.

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LectureHop: “Wonderful, But Bloody Grim”: The Work Of Tash Aw

Tash Aw is a Malaysian author focusing on providing literature for a Malaysian audience and has found success both in Malaysia and in the West. Staff Writer Josh Tate tagged along with Events Editor Isabel Sepulveda to gain insight into his writing and listen to some very smooth accents.

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LectureHop: Unpacking “Narrative In The Natural Sciences and Humanities”

This week, Columbia hosted a series of speakers to share some of their work examining interactions between storytelling and academia. Bwog Sports Editor Jana Jaran attended a conference session this morning with speakers connecting the idea of narrative to topics from gay marriage to artificial intelligence. 

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Ciencia, Política Y Sexo: Science, Politics, And Sex

On Monday evening, Víctor Mora Gaspar from the Autonomous University of Madrid spoke (in Spanish) at Barnard College about the suppression of homosexuality and all queer identities during Spain’s dictatorship in the mid-1900s. New Bwogger Isabel Ocampo attended the event titled, “Ciencia, Política y Sexo,” or “Science, Politics, and Sex,” for those non-multilinguals out there. […]

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