Ever wondered if you could take another personality test…what that looks like?

Hey friends. If you were ever obsessed with Buzzfeed quizzes that can guess your hair color or MBTI tests or horoscopes or anything that looks like an enjoyable shortcut to figuring out your true self, this is for you. 

1. Corresponds to one point, 2. corresponds to two points, and 3. corresponds to three points .

1. Best dining hall for breakfast 

  1. Hewitt
  2. Ferris
  3. John Jay

2. You overslept for your 8:40 (it’s 9 now) so you decide to…

  1. Screw it. Sleep in 
  2. Scramble to get dressed and run to class with one sock on
  3. Email the professor that you came down with a 103-degree fever and make them feel bad for you 

3. You bump into your crush alone in Butler with an empty seat next to them, you…

  1. Act indifferent as you slip into the seat next to them and wait for them to notice you
  2. Leave immediately to study in your dorm. This is overwhelming
  3. Eh. Who cares

4. A friend does something awful and gives you the ick.  

  1. No contact. I slowly drift away from them while being non-confrontational.
  2. I call them out for their BS. It might get heated. 
  3. I reach out to a third party to mediate a conversation 

5. My favorite famous Destiny Child’s Song of the three… 

  1. Bootylicious 
  2. Say My Name
  3. Jumpin’, Jumpin’

6. You’re staying in your dorm tonight while all your friends are out partying. You feel…

  1. I’m going to sleep
  2. Fierce FOMO
  3. Relieved. I have something else planned anyways 

7. Girls night out! Your bar appetizer… 

  1. Buffalo wings with ranch 
  2. Light platter of chips 
  3. Just hand me that whiskey please! 

8. You can only attend one of them…

  1. Lizzie McAlpine’s concert 
  2. Screening of Eternal Sunshine and the Spotless Mind 
  3. Department lecture facilitated by one of your favorite professors

9.  Choose your chip…

  1. Cheetos Flamin’ Hot
  2. Miss Vicky’s BBQ 
  3. Pringles Original

Now tally up your points! 

9-11: “She Can’t Love You” because she’s unbothered, flaming hot, and full of energy as she struts into the room in her best fit. She can be judgemental sometimes, but is also vibrant and constantly seeking excitement in her life. Say My Name is her album. 

12-22: It’s just “Second Nature” for her to be charming even if she is not in the spotlight. Needs quiet space to be by herself and feels her emotions very deeply, even if she doesn’t readily express it. The Writing’s On The Wall is her album. 

23-27: Who needs the “Perfect Man” when you can be her? She’s confident and funny, though she can get overwhelmed easily. Outspoken, she is not afraid to express her thoughts and can see the beauty in everything. Destiny’s Child is her album. 

Ok this is all for fun. Don’t take it too seriously and I tried. Byeeee.

Destiny’s Child via Flickr