Sometimes you have to embarrass yourself for no real reason.

Bwogline: Around 12:30 am on Tuesday, April 30, pro-Palestinian student protestors occupied Hamilton Hall. Public Safety advised all students, faculty, and staff not to come to the Morningside Heights campus and restricted campus access to those who live on campus (John Jay, Wallach, Furnald, Carman, Hartley, East Campus, Wien) and essential employees. Barnard campus sent a similar email restricting campus to Barnard ID only.

Study Tip: Power your phone off. Sometimes Do Not Disturb is just not enough for the nosy girls. It’s really hard at first but then you think maybe you could become someone who lives without a phone.

Music of the Day: Strangers – Ethel Cain. That whole album is completely perfect.

Procrastination Tip: Start to detail-clean every item you have. There are always more nooks and crannies than you think, and there’s no better time than now.

Overseen/Overheard: Someone in the Barnard ’27 WhatsApp group decided to get rid of their Keurig, and my friend and I sprinted to Sulz lounge to get it. When I was leaving, a group of other girls came in and asked if I “really wanted it” and I’ve never felt more mean in my life.

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