Sadly, no one thought of “Bworg”.

Here is a compilation of a few, but certainly not all, of the beautiful borgs that students displayed this past Saturday at Bacchanal…

Let’s hope no murder on the dancefloor (the lawns) occurred at Bacchanal because of this borg!

Borgs aside, please bring back Roe v. Wade!!!


Hoping “borg” is used in a New York Times crossword puzzle after this.

Unlike boygenius, we hope the owner of this borg was, in fact, strong enough to finish it.

Someone show this to LeBron!

We love a climate-conscious borg!

The illustration really makes this one, we must say. 

Speaks for itself!

A classic. Shoutout to all the Bold Beautiful Barnard baddies!

This “Oppenborg” is pretty Oscar-worthy, in our opinion. 

Bacchanal Via Bwog Archives.

Borgs Via Bwog Staff and Friends.