A story of random roommates and normal people.

When I met my first-year roommate, Molly, I had already spent 10 days alone in our room. I had gotten to campus early for pre-orientation and spent the whole time quarantining. Needless to say, I was already sick and tired of our AC-less room, and school hadn’t even started. I was nervous about meeting the person I would be sharing this space with for a whole year. What if she turned out to be some crazy girl who munched on raw pasta really loudly at 3 am or shaved her armpits in bed or something?

According to Molly, the first thing I said to her was, “Wow, you unpacked so quickly.”

I promptly left all my fears behind since Molly was entirely normal (no munching) and easy to live with. That’s an understatement, actually. Molly would prove to be one of the kindest, easygoing, fun people I would ever meet in college. She melted through my introverted exterior and right into my heart.

Three weeks after I met her, Molly got me my favorite flowers for my birthday—I had never even told her what my favorite flowers were.

We didn’t spend a lot of time together during our first semester, so I was shocked when my first night alone in our room—Molly had left for Thanksgiving—I sobbed. You would think I would be glad to finally have the room to myself. Well no. The room felt empty without her.

After that, I felt like I should try to get to know Molly better. We instated a “one question a day” dynamic, which gave me a peek into her thoughts, opinions, emotions, and overall sweet personality.

We sealed our friends-forever fate around spring when she saw me crying about the ongoing issues with the group of people I was trying to room with for the following year (it’s always the fricking housing lottery). She asked if I wanted to be in a suite with her and her group of friends and I said yes. Best decision I made in my first year honestly. As sophomores, we didn’t share a room anymore but we only grew closer: she became one of my best friends in this school. Molly made me so many avocado toasts that year. Naturally, we also roomed together during our junior year.

These days, Molly’s the person I want a hug from when I feel down, the one I want to tell my weird dreams to and the funny things that happened in my day. Molly’s the person I write “good luck on your midterm” notes to, the one I make Valentine’s cards for, the one I joke with about marrying for a green card. We watch Arrested Development together. She’s the one who makes me laugh the hardest and whom I trust the most.

Love is about love but it is also about gratitude. I’m so grateful for what my friendship with Molly has made of my college experience. I’m so grateful I can be around while she exists.

Roommates via Tal Bloom