In the post-Bacchanal haze, Editor in Chief Sahmaya Busby and Senior Staff Writer Paulina Rodriguez got the scoop from Ava, a dedicated fan noticed by the festival’s headliner.

Around 2 pm yesterday, Rapper JID took the stage on Low Plaza for a cloudy Bacchanal. His short performance was filled with some of his biggest hits, including “151 Rum” and the TikTok-famous “Surround Sound.”  

After watching energetic performances from opening acts Chandra and AG Club, Bwog’s leading Bacchanal attendees were admittedly a little worn out. But as we nudged our way out of the barricaded area for a quick bathroom break, we couldn’t help but notice one fan out of the massive crowd. In an audience where most people seemed familiar with only the rapper’s biggest hits, Ava rapped along passionately to every word of JID’s set. Setting her apart even further was the homemade sign in her hands requesting the artist perform his song “Hereditary.” Her dedication paid off: JID soon noticed Ava, pointed to her, and responded with, “Maybe!” Who was this mysterious JID fan for whom Bacchanal was a lucky day?

After much anticipation, JID did eventually perform the first chunk of “Hereditary” toward the end of his roughly 35-minute set, before explaining he would have to cut things short to catch a flight to another event. (The rapper played J. Cole’s Dreamville Festival in Raleigh later that day.)

Bwog caught up with Ava during the chaotic exit from the Bacchanal barricade to chat about the JID notice.

Bwog: How long have you been a fan of JID?

Ava: A while. My sign says “Hereditary,” and I found that song back in 2017 when I was in the eighth grade. My dad really likes him. 

Bwog: So, you would say your love for JID is… “Hereditary?”

Ava: Exactly!

Bwog: How did you feel when Bacchanal announced him as the headliner?

Ava: So excited. Honestly, I wouldn’t have guessed if I didn’t see people correctly guessing JID in Bacchanal’s Instagram comments after they dropped the clues

Bwog: Did the set match your expectations? How would you rate it on a scale of 1-10?

Ava: Can I be honest? It was too short! Because it was cut a little short, I’d give it a seven or eight.

Bwog: How did you feel when JID saw your sign?

Ava: I was thrilled. I can’t believe he responded. Like with Tyler [the Creator], you know how he’s going to react to his fans. So I didn’t even have any expectations… but he pointed at me! 

Portrait via interviewee