Protests continue as Commencement has been canceled and campus remains closed. Read live updates here.

Update made on Tuesday, May 7 at 9:27 pm:

Campus access update

Columbia’s main campus will be open to all undergraduates and Graduate School of Arts and Sciences (GSAS) MA and PhD students starting Wednesday, according to an email sent to students on Tuesday evening by Chief Operating Officer Cas Holloway. Additionally, campus will have two exit and entry points including the 116th and Amsterdam gates and the 117th and Broadway gates behind Earl Hall. Researchers who require access to laboratories will need to request approval.

Campus access does not extend to Barnard students at this time.

Update made on Tuesday, May 7 at 5:59 pm:

CUAD Divest Picketing

This morning, CUAD picketed outside of the homes and office of four Columbia Board of Trustees members. At least one person was struck by a car by an outside individual in an alleged retaliatory act. Read more here.

Campus access update

Today, Columbia did not allow members of the press on campus, restricting it to only faculty and students who live on the main campus.

Update made on Tuesday, May 7 at 11:39 am:

Various Black student organizations recently released a joint statement condemning NYPD presence and calling for the resignations of Columbia President Minouche Shafik and Barnard President Laura Rosenbury. Read more here.

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