Here’s to learning Finnish!

Name, School, Major Hometown: Sydney Wells; Columbia College; Environmental Biology (with an Anthropology minor!); Buffalo, NY (GO BILLS)

Claim to fame: Being EcoReps President + Bwog Publisher + the best snowboarder on campus (or at least in the Atlantic Highlands)

Where are you going? Disney World! And also to GSAS for a master’s degree.

What are three things you learned at Columbia and would like to share with the Class of 2028?

  1. Unless you have an actual reason to, don’t continue the foreign language you started in high school! Take something more random and less useful, like Irish or Akkadian or Finnish (that’s what I took).
  2. Use JJ’s express swipes as much as you can. Do not waste your money on overpriced snacks at the store when you have this resource! You will regret not doing this when you have 80 meal swipes left in May!
  3. Turn off your phone and put it in your bag when you’re doing homework. And also when you’re in class. And also disable iMessage on your computer. Please heed my advice.

“Back in my day…” Classes were online, nobody was on campus, and Commencement was canceled… Kinda like how this semester ended!

Favorite Columbia lore? The fact that there is a greenhouse on top of one of the buildings on campus that nobody knows about and that almost nobody is allowed to use and that Columbia has not renovated in years… But you didn’t hear it from me!

What was your favorite class at Columbia? Too many to choose from!

  1. Urban Ecology and Design
  2. Rise of Civilization
  3. Finnish

Whom would you like to thank? My parents, my little brother, my roommate, my boyfriend, and all the wonderful friends I made before and during my time at Columbia. Additionally, all of my professors, fellow students, and Columbia Housing, Dining, Facilities, and other departmental staff—these are the people that make this school a wonderful place to attend.

One thing to do before graduating? Eat as many Absolute Bagels as you can. The line is always, always worth it. I already miss them, and I will only be moving 25 minutes away.

Any regrets? I regret wasting so much time on 100% needless stress. Do not waste your energy stressing about things that will inevitably get done. Your essay will get finished, you will take that final, and all your projects will be turned in. They might not be on time and you might not get an A+, but they will get done, and life will go on, and you will be okay! The happy and exciting moments you have at Columbia will be the ones you remember, so try to maximize those and minimize the stressful ones!

Sydney via Sydney